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Has been established at the year 1995. Since that time the company exported its products From LOOFAH {Vegetable sponge} to several countries in The Middel East and Euorpe.  Runs by experience of People know how to care about you.

Welcome to our website!  Here you will find information and pictures about the amazing luffa sponge gourd.  The luffa has many names, both common and scientific.  It is known as smooth luffa, loofah sponge, loofa, loufa, luffa, sponge gourd, Chinese okra, elephant okra, and many other common names.  The scientific names for this plant include Luffa cylindrica, Luffa aegyptiaca, or Luffa aegyptica. We are growers, manufacturers and exporters of loofah and loofah products in Egypt. Our range of products includes: Whole Loofah, whole luffa sections, ground loofah, conventional luffa bath scrubs, handmade loofah bath scrubs, luffa bath mats

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